Under the hood | Paul Robas

The exhibition showcases recent works from 2017 that are part of an ongoing project. The starting point of the works are a reflection of everyday life in Paul Robas’s immediate setting: in this case the 2nd district of Vienna, a melting pot of cultures and habits. They do however expand to encompass a wider approach on the aesthetics that the city and its surroundings have to offer.

The different constellations found and recorded by means of photography or sketches are then rendered into compositions ranging from simplified abstract shapes that quote an idea to more complex assemblages of street scenes and urban landscapes, interiors etc. The title refers to the English expression “looking under the hood“ explained in the online slang dictionary as follows: “a metaphorical area that contains the underlying implementation of something -e.g a piece of hardware, a piece of software, an idea, etc. example: “To understand how it really works we need to look under the hood.”

Hood is an abbreviation in English slang for the word neighborhood, and in this case the wordplay of the title suggests an analysis of the phenomenon constituting the context of what a neighborhood is, with all of its aspects and its role as a community and fragment forming together with the other districts the bulk of the city as a whole. Its distinct aspects form the premise of the exhibition and give an insight into the special aesthetics of the ever changing city. The title also suggests the process of investigation involved in either the topic at hand or the possibilities of painting as a medium.

Opening: 16.11.2017, 7pm


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